Rubber Ducking

Rubber Ducking

On Rubber Ducking, Spencer Miskoviak & Chris Schmitz discuss their development experience, excitements, and challenges with React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Design Systems and anything else that might be on their mind this week.

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    12: Generating type definitions for CSS Modules

    In this episode, Chris & Spencer discuss code generation specifically around using CSS Modules, SASS and TypeScript to add additional type-safety when referencing class names using the typed-scss-modules package.

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    11: Experimentation and Feature Rollouts

    This episode, Chris & Spencer discuss feature rollouts, experimentation toggles, tracking, specific components and consuming the toggles on the client.

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    10: React testing library and the future of Yarn

    In this episode, Chris & Spencer discuss testing our design system components with react-testing-library and the recent news of Yarn being rewritten in TypeScript (along with other features and changes).

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    9: Querying Client Data

    This episode, Chris & Spencer discuss querying (selecting) data on the client, how they use reselect with Redux, and the pros/cons they experienced when initially adopting it up to today.

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    8: Domain Driven Services with GraphQL

    On this Episode, Chris & Spencer discuss recent efforts migrating from a monolith to domain-driven services, replicating data with Google PubSub, creating a GraphQL endpoint and consuming that endpoint with React, Apollo and TypeSript.

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    6: Typing All the Things

    This episode Chris & Spencer discuss current efforts to add additional type safety to normalized entities in the Redux store, using those types more effectively in tests, selector tests and object (entity) factories for testing.

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    5: Managing Colors in Design Systems with Brad Turner

    Brad Turner (the first guest!) joins Chris & Spencer on this episode to discuss recent changes in the colors in Handshake's Design System, the decision process and how the color system was developed.

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    4: Scaling Redux

    On this episode of Rubber Ducking, Chris & Spencer discuss their experience using Redux in the context of React and TypeScript.

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    3: React Hooks

    Chris and Spencer discuss the recent release of React Hooks and speculate on what it means for day-to-day development on feature work, what might change and potential pros and cons of different scenarios.

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